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Basement Finishing and Basement Remodeling Draper

basement remodeling example with new floors

For basement finishing and basement remodeling in Draper, Utah, get in touch with Nathan Premier Basement Finishing. We have finished basements for homeowners in southern Salt Lake County, and we provide the solutions you need.

Many Draper homeowners place a high value on finishing their basements since they quickly add usable living space. It's also a wise investment because it raises the value of your home considerably. If you add a basement apartment, that is potential additional income as well.

As an experienced basement contractor, we have finished many projects for our Draper clients. These include the construction of game rooms, home gyms, basement bars, bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms.

Why Basement Finishing in Draper is Popular

Between 2000 and 2010, Draper emerged as the fastest-growing city in Utah. The city sustained a growth rate of 1,600% during that span. And currently, it is still one of the top 10 fastest-growing cities in the state. The 2024 population is about 59,800 residents, and we expect the rapid growth to continue.

With so many new builds going up in the area of Draper, hundreds of homes need to finish their basements. With an experienced local basement finisher, the residents of Draper can rely on Nathan Premier Basement Finishing.

Draper received its name from the natural hot springs located near the Jordan River. Many homes don't have basements due to their location near Utah Lake and the high water table. However, the city has grown up the slope and most homes built now have basements. Typically, the developments of tract homes don't come with finished basements. Additionally, the cost to finish a basement through a tract home developer is much more expensive than doing it afterward. This is why so many people choose to hire a basement finishing contractor later on. Nathan Premier Basement Finishing is your go-to solution for finishing your basement in Draper.

Reasons to Finish Your Basement in Draper

You should try to utilize every square inch of your property, including your basement. This allows you to get the most value for your money. It's an entire level of your home just waiting to be used.

Furthermore, one of the least expensive ways to expand your home's area is through basement finishing. Constructing an addition to your home is much more expensive. With a basement, the walls, floor, and ceiling already exist. Additionally, you have easy access to utilities like plumbing and electricity. When you add a room to the garage or beyond the kitchen, you have to add these utilities.

Nathan Premier Basement Finishing of Draper can help whether you want a playroom, man cave, or basement home theater, or you simply want a place to host guests.

Since our only focus is finishing and remodeling basements, we have the expertise you can trust. We devote all of our attention to finding methods to increase efficiency because we are experts in basement finishing. Additionally, we simplify the building process for the customer from start to finish. No headaches or hassles from the time you get a quote to the final touches on the finish work.

Basement Remodeling in Draper

Even if your basement is finished, it may not be to your liking. Maybe you have an open floor plan and you need to add a couple of guest rooms and a kitchenette. Or, the flooring and carpet are outdated and worn and the lighting is too dim. This makes basement remodeling in Draper a great option.

Another big reason to remodel your basement is if there is no bathroom. If there is, but no bathtub or shower, then that is just as important a reason. We specialize in bathroom design and remodeling with dozens of design ideas for inspiration. We know how to create excellent flow while being creative with limited spaces which is often the case in basements.

Let us help you get your basement exactly how you want it.

Rely on Nathan Premier Basement Finishing

You can count on our skilled staff to handle every aspect of your basement remodeling or basement finishing job. No matter what you need, we guarantee to give you the highest quality. We install doors, windows, and flooring in basements, including wood, engineered wood, carpet, tile, and vinyl. In addition, we build basement walls and stairs. One aspect gaining popularity that we specialize in is adding a walk-out or walk-up basement entrance.

Basements present problems that main floors don't, but we know how to navigate them. We are experts at hiding water heaters, furnaces, and other utilities. If you need to conceal support poles, we know exactly how to do that. We also do a fantastic job installing built-in beds, seats, cupboards, shelves, and other furniture. Space-saving options include a bar with barstools and a shower stall with a seat rather than a tub, as well as sliding or folding doors.

Contact us today to get a free quote and we'll come out to your home to help gauge the scope of your project.

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