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Custom Closets

custom walk-in closet with carpet floor

Custom closets enhance any space, especially in finished basements. In many properties, storage space comes at a premium. For this reason, custom closets are a valued and sought-after feature. Many people do not realize, however, that custom closets are an integral part of basement finishing design. Yes, people use basements for storage, but many do so without using a high-quality, custom design that keeps their possessions neatly and fashionably stored.

At Nathan Premier Basement Finishing in Lehi, UT, we have a variety of basement remodeling services. One of the most loved of these is the production of custom closets. Our creations give you the room needed to keep the things you most care about in good condition. We have many large and small design options to fit the needs of all your belongings. All we need to know is what it is you plan on storing. If you’re interested in learning more about custom closets, the answers you’re seeking are here.

Storage Space

Do you constantly feel like you don’t have the room you need to store your possessions in your property? If so, you’re not alone. And it isn’t just a matter of space, either. Many people have sufficient room to store things at home, but don’t have the right infrastructure in place. When these situations occur, it leads to deteriorating, and even broken items. With a custom closet, you’re not going to have that issue. Whether you’re looking to store clothes and everyday items, or a variety of treasured possessions, we can build you a custom closet that fits the bill.

Varied Use

If you’re having trouble storing particular items, we can design a custom closet that works perfectly for you. Many items are large, oddly shaped, heavy, or sensitive to temperature or moisture (like musical instruments). If they’re not stored properly, it can cause irreparable damage – and cost you cash. To avoid that, we’ll make sure you have a custom closet that is fit for purpose.

Custom Quality

If you’re looking for a storage unit, there are some prefabricated options you can choose from. While there are some positives to these units, they can’t match the quality and durability that you get with a custom-built closet. At Nathan Premier Basement Finishing, we use the finest materials around to build closets that don’t just deliver utility, but stand the test of time. Whether you’re adding a custom closet to a larger basement remodel – like a basement apartment or basement game room – or looking for a singular unit, our closet design and production team are here to serve you.

Affordable Production

You might have the perception that custom closets will set you back quite a bit of cash, but that isn’t actually the case. The truth is that we supply a custom closet design and installation service that is much more affordable than you might expect. When you consider, too, that custom-built closets are higher-quality and last longer, you can also see that you’re getting better value for money, even if you spend more than you would on prefabricated units. For more specific pricing information, our customer service agents have the answers you need.

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